Welcome to Superhero Hill – Superhero Academy

Hi I’m Mike!  It is so nice to meet you!  I’m a teacher, author of the book How To Be A Superhero: The TOP SECRET Official Guide, and an award winning video game designer.

My superpower and purpose in life is inspiring kids and adults to unleash their superhero selves.

The free 3D world and game design software for kids and adults I worked on called Platinum Arts Sandbox has been used in 100s of schools world wide.

TEDx Talk on The Power Of Being A Real Life Superhero! (They are fixing the title).

Book Trailer for How To Be A Superhero – The TOP SECRET Official Guide – Created by one of my students!!

Community Gainesville Event: Gainesville Frisbee Tossing at One Love Cafe at Magnolia Park.  Generally Wed-Sat evening 6pm+  Come join!!  Everyone is welcome!

I’ve been working on a personal site MichaelTomaino.com if you are interested in learning more about me!

Michael Tomaino from Superhero Hill
Michael Tomaino

The focus of the book How To Be A Superhero is to help you find your superpowers, train your body and mind, and go off into the world as a superhero!

The goal of the Superhero Hill website is to create a learning environment to develop and train superheroes.

A hero is someone who helps people. A superhero is someone who helps a lot of people.

Superhero Hill training will focus on exercise, dealing with emotions, reading, and creating through writing, art, animations, and website creation. Superheroes will also learn ways to help others and the environment.

Please check back for articles and resources as the training center (website) is built bit by bit!

Let’s team up to make the world a better place!

– Michael Tomaino

Thank you so much to 5 Star Landscaping for all of the support! Based out of Ypsilanti they also serve the nearby cities of Ann Arbor, Canton, Belleville, Saline, and Milan.

Massive thanks to Handley Bros for supporting me and my projects.