Gainesville Author School Visits

Looking for a Gainesville Author to do a school visit that will excite your students?

I’m a local Gainesville Author and I love doing author school visits.  Please contact me through the connect page so we can set up a day and time.

I also welcome author school visits to the surrounding areas of Gainesville, especially Alachua county.

Please watch my trailer if you haven’t already so you can learn more about me.

“You are a true inspiration for me and other people that know you. I have had, do and will look up to you for the rest of my life.”
– Dave, a former student

Local Gainesville Author School Visits
Gainesville Author School Visit

My book is called “How To Be A Superhero: The TOP SECRET Official Guide” and it encourages kids and adults to find their real life superpowers, train their body and mind, and go out into the world as a superhero to help others and the environment.

I love doing author visits and helping the kids find their real life superpowers.  I’ve never seen the lightbulbs turn on in kids heads like I have when I’ve asked them what their superpowers are.  So many kids that have thought they had nothing to offer the world suddenly realize that in fact, they have a lot to offer.

During my author visit show the kids how they can become superheroes. To me a hero is someone who helps people and a superhero is someone who helps a lot of people.

I encourage the kids to train their bodies and mind so that they can become superheroes.  This includes eating healthy food, exercise, reading, writing, creating, and dealing with negative emotions.

As new superheroes I encourage them to go out into the world to help others and the environment.

As a teacher I’ve been able to inspire so many kids and I’m excited to inspire more kids at other schools with my books and author visits.

Funding for an Author Visit

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