About Superhero Hill


The main purpose of Superhero Hill is to inspire kids and adults to find their superpowers, to create stories, art, animations, websites and games, to focus on moving towards their best selves, and to be a positive force for others.

I want to make the world a better place. 

To me a hero is someone who helps people and a superhero is someone who helps a lot of people.

SuperheroHill.com will have a ton of free content such as articles on how to write, how to find your superpowers, free software for creating stories, games, drawings, and animations, and lots more.

Eventually I hope to do a show like Mr. Rogers that is superhero themed!

“I’m just a man trying make the world a better place.”

Superhero Hill is how I hope to accomplish my dream.

My Letter To You

Dear Friend,

As a Teacher, Coach,  Author, and Game Designer of Free Educational software, I care about kids and their success.

I love teaching and making a positive difference but I want to reach more kids than one school, I want to impact the world.

My book How To Be A Superhero is how I will begin.

The main focus of my website Superhero Hill is to use my successes in the classroom and translate them to a global scale.  The kids learn how to find their real life superpowers, train their bodies and minds, and to help others.  Kids are encouraged to create their own superhero stories and artwork about their powers and how they will help others.

Kids I’ve read the book to have really enjoyed it and I love see them applying the messages.

Thank you for your time and believing in me and my dream.

Student Testimonials:

Excerpt from a student’s entry in my yearbook. Click here or on the image to read the full entry.

Superhero Hill student yearbook entry from Becca

“You are a true inspiration for me and other people that know you. I have had, do and will look up to you for the rest of my life.”
– Dave

“Mike has one of the most infectiously positive mindsets I’ve ever encountered in a person. Not only does he himself aspire to the highest level of competence and perfection in any task he sets his hand to, but his drive and enthusiasm motivate all those around him. At a young age I learned so much from Mike’s zeal for life and all it had to offer. I’m thankful to have known him in my youth because of what an overwhelmingly positive role model he became for me.”
– Tom

Parent and Community Testimonials

“Jackson loved you! You are an inspiration to many and we hope you keep going!”
– Stacy

“…I know Mike’s going to put a lot of good into this world.”
– Joe

“Mike is a very honest, loyal and dependable person. He is very energetic and will always go out of his way to help others.”
– Jim

“Michael has been, for as long as I have known him, to be an upstanding and supportive person… one who seeks out the best in others and encourages their skills and growth.”
– Chris

“Mike is awesome at drumming up enthusiasm and communicating effectively with groups of various sizes! I met him just after he began work on what would become a sprawling project involving dozens of developers and hundreds of fans. It was a pleasure to watch him coordinate these many streams of developer and community feedback (including my own!) and come out the other side with a tangible result.”