Be My Superhero

Superheroes need to eat too so if you’d like to buy us lunch, it would be greatly appreciated.

Your name will become legend on the Hall Of Superheroes page. Please see the REWARDS below.

Why support Superhero Hill? – The Superhero Hill Mission

Ways to support:

Check out the The Superhero Saga GoFundMe if you’d like to be in the trilogy of story books, game, and show.

“Be in the Superhero Saga game, books, and show” GoFundMe Link

Or if you prefer Paypal:

All rewards feature a mention in the Superhero Hill Hall Of Superheroes
You will be ranked and have a special title according to the epicness of your deeds!
All rewards include the previous tiers

$5 – Exclusive game content, and a high quality pdf of How To Be A Superhero According To Bob
$15 – All three eBooks of the Superhero Saga PLUS How To Be A Superhero The TOP SECRET Official Guide ebook
$25 – Credits in ONE of the books of your choice or the game
$50 – CONTENT BONANZA! You will have access to digital versions of EVERYTHING I create in 2020 and have already created, be featured in the credits of ALL THREE Superhero Saga Books
$100 – CREDITS BONANZA! You will be in the credits of everything I create in 2020 including the books, game, and show
$150 – You will appear as a minor character in a book or the game – Your choice!
$200 – You will appear as a major character in a book or the game
$300 – AUTOGRAPH BONANZA! You will receive autographed books of everything I create in 2020, and my previous books
$500 – I will dedicate a book or the game to you
$1,000 – I will write a text only full book story of you as a Superhero!
$2,000 – A book with illustrations will be created of you as a Superhero, villain, or any character you like and released for publication
$10,000 – You will have a dedication page in everything I ever create, credits in every single thing I ever make, and a major character in every possible form of content that I can realistically put you in

Telling others about the site and the books would also really help a lot.

Perhaps the best thing you can do is to be good to others, even if it is simply saying hi to everyone you meet.

Thank you for being my superhero and I hope you have the best day of all time!