Mr. T’s Most Random Story

Mr. T’s Most Random Story

Once upon a time there was a story. And that story didn’t want to write itself like Mr. T’s stories usually write themselves. Mr. T was wondering why his story wasn’t writing itself. Maybe he was looking for something else. Maybe he was looking for some other writers to help him create his wonderful story universe. A universe that stretches beyond the cosmos and even reality. The adventures that Mr. T can have in that universe are limitless already and he could only imagine what other awesome ideas and adventures could be added to the universe with the help of other creative minds. Who will help him on his quest to create the most creative universe that was ever created?

In the meantime it is time to play. And by play I mean go on the most wild and creative adventures that I can dream up in my head. I’m going to start with the most crazy idea of them all which is the idea that the students in Ms. Ks class actually start writing and adding to the stories. Hopefully after this simple story that is fun and is basically going on about nothing it will show them how easy it is to write a story. That’s the great thing about creativity. It can have a purpose or no purpose at all or any kind of mix of the two. Sometimes it is just fun to write and write without any idea of what you want to write about and put down the first thing that comes to your mind. That is called stream of consciousness and it is a very fun and useful way of brainstorming as well as creating. Also did anyone notice that I switched perspectives? I changed from third person which is “He she” etc, to 1st person which is “I”. Did you know that there is also a 2nd person perspective? It is where you use “you” such as “You traveled down the road, and then you saw a goat”. It is a great perspective for such stories as choose your own adventures. I like choose your own adventure books and I always liked to read what would happen with each option. I think one day I will write one.

Now it is time to have some fun and I am going to go on adventures that I’ve always wanted to go on. One thing I absolutely love to do is to fly. In dreams I can actually force myself to fly which is pretty neat. In the stories I can make myself fly too, because why not, flying is fun! So one day I was frolicing down the sidewalk and I saw a crazy cat so I decided that to avoid it, it would probably be a good idea to fly away. So as the crazy cat came towards me I put my hand up into the air like superman and bent a knee and starting taking off! That cat was very surprised because it had never seen a human fly away from it before. An old lady that was walking on the sidewalk saw me as I flew up into the sky and fainted. “WHOOPS!” I said. “At least she is getting a good nap” I chuckled. I flew up to the birds much to their surprise. I don’t think they’ve ever had someone fly with them. I decided that since I was the biggest that I should lead the V so I moved some the birds aside and took the front. I had a diagonal line of birds fanning out beside me to either side. What kind of birds am I flying with do you see? Are they eagles? Seagulls? Or even bunnies? See how easily it is to change the images in your mind? Maybe it is even school children from a certain class that are flying with me. Maybe they even join me as I fly even higher and watch the world get tiny below me until everything looks like matchbox cars. Maybe they stay with me as I fly above the clouds and into the upper parts of the atmosphere and start to leave planet earth entirely! Where should I go now as I see the earth below me? I have many options. I could fly to Mars but Mars is rather chilly. Venus seems nice but it is mostly gas which doesn’t sound too enjoyable. I think that since I like the heat I will fly to the sun! So now I am flying away from earth through the dark airless space. Normally I wouldn’t be able to breath but since this is a story I can do whatever I want. I could even have space be filled with air, or water, or lava! Imagine if all of the planets floated around in lava like meatballs in pasta sauce. What an image! Of course that means all life would be gone but luckily this is not reality, only a story. And thanks to it being a story I can sit on the sun and not be blinded or instantly burnt to a crisp. I can sit and relax and even pull a lawn chair out of my pocket and watch all of the massive explosions happening. If I want to I can even change my size. Maybe I want to be super huge and hold the sun in the palm in my hand! Well guess what I can! So now I’m a massive space giant and I’m holding the sun in the palm of my hand like a bouncy ball. Do you see it? Because I do. And it doesn’t even burn my hand because it isn’t reality, only a story. Since I’m a giant I’m going to have some fun and play hopscotch on the planets. First jump to Mercury, weee!! Next leg to Venus and then Earth. This is fun! Now to Mars! Ut oh I’m falling off a bit. But how can I fall when there is no gravity? Well there is some gravity but not much and not enough to fall but what’s the fun if there is no challenge? A story with some conflict is generally more interesting however I would certainly enjoy one about me frolicing down the street making everyone happy as well. I like making people happy but that is a sidenote and I’m sure everyone hopefully knows that. Back to my planet jumping!! I have now jumped to Jupiter and there is plenty of room to land on. Now onto Saturn but OWW my foot went right through the rings and all the moons hurt my foot! I think I’ll be okay especially since it is a story. If I want to I can even switch my leg out or grow another. I can even magically install a bionic foot or even have a scooter for a leg and drive around on it. I’m going to be bold and skip Neptune and jump right onto Pluto, WEEE!!! I think I’m going to make it! Ut oh one thing I forgot about is that Pluto is made of ice and as I tried to land I slipped and flew off the side of Pluto and now I’m heading aimlessly toward the Milky Way! Oh there is Orion, my favorite constellation! I like him because he’s a warrior like me and his stars are always easy to find in the sky and he reminds me of when my Dad and I would look at the stars. Maybe one day I’ll even have Orion come to life and we can share stories over some nice tea and crackers. If I keep floating like this I’ll go even beyond the Milky Way. What exists in the far reaches of space? Have you ever thought about it before? What if there are planets with dragons and children that always behave and listen? One can only dream. Isn’t it crazy to think that no one knows when the universe ends. It could go on forever for all we know.

Now I’m going to teleport back to earth and be my regular size again. And I can do that because well this is my story. I have always wanted to see the dinosaurs especially my favorite one, the Plesiosaurus. That is a sea dinosaur that has a really long neck and four fins instead of feet. If you have ever heard of the Loch Ness Monster, that is said to be a Plesiosaurus. And now thanks to the magic of storytelling I can go meet one! So I see one in the ocean chillin looking for food and it has a really big head, so big that I can sit on it. Before it knows what is going on I fly over to it and land on its head. It tries to fling me off but this is my story and I’ve made myself so heavy it can’t move me off. And then I decide to leave it alone and turn myself light and fly away up above all of the dinosaurs grazing on plants on the land and the huge sea dinosaurs jumping out and creating massive waves.

I decided that I’m done looking at dinosaurs so I’m going to the time of the Romans to give my man Publius Cornelius Scipio a big high five for defeating Hannibal. Hannibal was a general from North Africa, a place known as Carthage, and he had actually started attacking Rome itself which was an incredible thing because Rome was one of the greatest military mights of the world and he had made it all the way to the heart, aka Rome. One of his tactics was that he used Elephants which the Romans hadn’t seen before and were quite scared of. However, when Scipio went to battle Hannibal, Scipio had his army blast their horns and it scared the Elephants and they ran away. He had several other incredible victories he accomplished through using great strategy and I am very interested in strategy myself so that is why I find him interesting. On that note I am beginning to become tired so it is time for me to head in to bed. I hope you enjoyed my wonderful stream of consciousness story and I hope I get to read a wonderfully creative story by all of you wonderful creative creatures as well.