One Love Frisbee at Magnolia Park

I host frisbee tossing and low key games of Ultimate Frisbee at the One Love Cafe at Magnolia Park in Gainesville Florida. Please join us sometime for some One Love Frisbee!

All ages and skill levels are welcome.  I’ve taught kids as young as 2 to throw and catch so really anyone can join. It’s so fun and heartwarming when kids and adults of all ages come together to have a good time, and to grow together.

I’m generally out there from 6/6:30-9pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and sometimes Monday and Tuesday. If I’m not tossing I’m most likely sitting at the tree in the middle of the far end of the park, pictured below.

You can e-mail me (and I’d be happy to give you my phone number) at:

I also started a Facebook Group for communication.  I don’t keep Facebook on my phone but you can e-mail or text me.

One Love Frisbee At Magnolia Park

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One Love Frisbee at Magnolia Park
One Love Frisbee at Magnolia Park