Superhero Community Writing Show #1

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The Story

Once upon a time there was a superhero team. The team was made up of Mr. Mikeyagi, Buttons, who can make people’s favorite foods appear, Lady Shadow who uses telepathy, Colty who is Super Strong and super fast superhero and Professor Snaxx who uses teleportation. Professor Snaxx can teleport anywhere he pictures and he can teleport things that he’s looking at. Buttons can pet all the Kitties in the world and can also spawn all types of felines to defend her.

There was an evil super villain named Bob and he liked to steal cats. He wanted all the cats in the world for himself. This did not sit too well with Buttons. Buttons gathered Colty, Professor Snaxx and Lady Shadow to rescue them from the evil clutches of Bob.

The first thing the superhero team needed to do was to find Bob’s lair. To track down his lair the superhero team looked for clues of missing cats. They couldn’t find a trace. Plan B was they decided to use a cat as bait. They hid nearby as the cat roamed so that they could spot Bob and follow him to his lair. They used the cutest kitten in the whole world so the villain was tempted to come out and pet it. The cat was actually Lady Shadow who had transformed herself.

Bob approached the cat and was just about to nab her when Buttons couldn’t contain herself anymore and rushed out to pet the cat. The superheroes rushed out to try to capture Bob but he summoned cardboard boxes that encased/trapped them. They struggled to free themselves from the boxes but they couldn’t. Colty refused to give up and summoned all of his superhero strength and busted apart the box in dramatic fashion. Then Colty went and helped free the rest of the superhero team.

Unfortunately Bob had escaped with the cat. Little did he know though that it was Lady Shadow in disguise. Bob brought her to his underwater lair and never suspected a thing because Lady Shadow as a cat was just too cute.

In Bob’s lair the cats were all trapped in cages. Bob thought Lady Shadow as a cat was so cute that he decided not to put her in a cage. He liked her so much that he started to spoil her with treats and let her roam around as she wanted. She purred with happiness (something like that) and it was so overwhelmingly cute to him and made him happy. When he finally fell asleep Lady Shadow knew it was her time to act. She found his cell phone which he had left on the table and called Colty, the leader of the superhero team. He assembled the group and started to move in on the underwater lair.

Meanwhile Lady Shadow started releasing cats from their cages. They began meowing loudly because they were hungry and Bob woke up and he was not happy. Little did he know that Buttons with her super feline ears heard the cats meowing too. Her cat senses were tingling.

Bob summoned cardboard and was preparing to unleash it on Lady Shadow. As he sent a box at her she used her telepathy to confuse him and make him miss. He summoned EVERY cardboard box and created a super box, one so big that it would envelope everything. Lady Shadow felt the minds of her teammates coming into range. She sent them a signal of where she was and that she was in distress.

As Bob was about to unleash the super box the superhero team appeared. In a flash Professor Snaxx teleported behind him and teleported his box out into the ocean. Buttons summoned Bob’s favorite food, hot pockets, and buried him in a pile. Colty ran over and tried to handcuff him. Bob resisted until Buttons summoned a lion that backed him into a corner. After that he begged for Colty to save him from the lion and to handcuff him and put him in jail.

The superhero team gathered the cats and returned them to their homes. Once again the greatest superhero team of all time had saved the day! And they all lived happily ever after, except for Bob.


Possible Bob superpowers – Waterbending, Stealing Powers temporarily, cardboard manipulation

Superhero team name ideas – The Colty Crew, Colty’s Cats and Snaxx

Suggestions – Colty’s Cats and Snaxx vs The Avengers, Bob redemption arc? Professor Snaxx vs Professor X (rap battle?), Plot twist a team member is evil, Lady Shadow misses the treats and affection of Bob?!?! Bob impresses someone by making cardboard animals and they bust him out.
Bob makes plastic? Or an even bigger supervillain who creates plastic and the superheroes need Bob’s help.

The supervillain makes an army of plastic animals/creatures. The bigger villain recruit Bob but only uses him for his powers and then locks Bob away. The villain is Bob’s brother, Rob/Bobert.
Dog army (Cats Vs Dogs)
Bob goes on vacation. Tales from the slammer by Bob. Bob uses a cardboard boat to try to escape but it sinks. Bob has a podcast called the Bobcast.

The turtle superhero. Wields a hammer. Super durable shell.
Kraken. Superpowers (turn into a kraken), Need to bring a toddler pool around so that Kraken doesn’t dry out. Change sizes as the kraken? (really small to so big it can encompass a building), something keeps trying to use the toddler pool, The cats keep trying to eat turtlehammer/kraken as he uses the toddler pool.

Kraken’s super power is not having a super power. just regular guy who tries to be better than most. He uses his name (and deep voice) to scare people, even though he doesn’t have superpowers. In reality he’s sitting in the car refusing to get out. Has a bullhorn. He sets up a speaker system before making his presence known. Has special sound effects and such.i literally just have a dj controller. He has a whistle, a cheap one that doesn’t even work all the time