Superhero Community Superhero Story #2

Interested in being a superhero or villain in my stories? Join my show! – My Trailer

Hi!  Welcome to my stream!   If you are just joining tell me what your superhero or villain name is what your superpowers are and I’ll add you to the story!

Game ideas:

  • D&D like roleplaying game
  • Card Game
  • Some kind of battle simulator (dice roll version or the game battle simulator?!?!)
  • fate of the story game

Creative ideas:

  • Comics / Partnership with Savage
  • Animations
  • “Transformer” / Randomly generated stories and outcomes

Our heroes

Buttons – The ability to summon all kinds of felines and summon anyone’s favorite food.

Shino – Ability to eat everything (inhales everything) and never gain weight.  Also sleep on demand (good for regeneration and playing dead).

Phan – Ability to hover but always spins around and can see very far.  Has a short term memory.

Pontus – Sea God – He is the embodiment of the oceans and controls all animals and aqua kinesis

Dash (aka Zoomies) – time travel by way of speed… so speed

Turtle Man – His superpower is invisibility, Turtle Man looks like a turtle, moves slowly, and uses his shell as a shield.

Snaxx – Power to control over lightning

Lady Shadow – Telepathy

Squirrel – Sledgehammer of Justice

Amelia – Mermaid – Control water, freeze it, boil it, throw it, makes storms, to stop bad things from happening, she wants to use powers to make everyone ok


Pirate Shark (Drgon239)


Weather Girl – Controls the weather

One2switcheroo (Switch): I wanna be able to switch everyones powers and mess them up

Wolf – Transfiguration – i can transfigure into anything necessary for anything need even its its a bucket or into water im kinda like silver surfer.


Savage Seas – He corrupts the powers of Pontus and poisons the minds of the sea creatures and is his twin brother, Pontus is made up of ethereal blue water but savage seas is a poisonous green

Loudan and power is telekinesis… I love x-men

Title Ideas

The battle of 12

The league of Justice vs the Evil overlords of wickedness

Kakurando – ????

Story ideas:

Fighting over a meatball

Environmental Destruction

Who will get the last frenchfry

The fate of the planet (or a different planet?) – Equwar???

Pool battle – Pool noodles – Water balloons, Spaghetti Noodles

Pontus, Amelia, Turtleman, Lady Shadow  vs Switch and Weather Girl – Pool battle edition

Once upon a time there was the greatest pool battle ever.  Both groups took sides on either end of the large olympic sized pool.  Pontus and Amelia had control of the water so they thought they had the advantage.  Little did they know Switch had tricks up his sleeve. Pontus and Amelia sent massive waves at Weather Girl and Switch.  

Weather Girl used her power of chaos winds to break apart the waves and send them to the edges of the pool.  Switch switched their powers with Buttons and to their surprise both Pontus and Amelia summoned cats instead of waves.  The cats were not pleased at all to be summoned into a pool of water. Pontus and Amelia had to dodge the crazed attempts of the cats to get out of the pool so they wouldn’t get scratched.

While they were distracted Weather Girl created a massive tsunami and sent Amelia and Pontus flying into the air.  But Turtle Man came to their rescue. Using his power of invisibility he had been hidden the entire time and caught Pontus and Amelia out of the air with his rock solid beast arms.  Turtleman used his shell to shield them from the raging waters.

Also unknown to everyone was that Lady Shadow was actually one of the cats that had been summoned.  She used her telepathy to read Switch’s mind to figure out what had happened. She told Amelia and Pontus about the Switheroo action and to be careful about it happening again.

Amelia and Pontus regained their powers and summoned the biggest, most grandest wave they possibly could.  It had so much water in it that it left the rest of pool dry. Switch and Weather Girl huddled in the corner and cowered as the huge wave was about to hit them.  But then the wave suddenly stopped. Everyone was confused until they saw Loudan coming in on his moped to the rescue. He had his hand outstretched and was pushing the water back with this telekinesis.  He pushed the wave back at the superheroes but Amelia used her ice powers to freeze the wave and keep it from moving back.

Meanwhile in dramatic fashion Loudan came flying in on his moped and cut quickly and jumped from the moped into the pool.

“What’d I miss guys?” He asked.

“Just the best pool party every!!” the villains said.

The superheroes and villains all charged up their powers and prepared to unleash massive devastation when all of a sudden they paused with confusion.  A shark had suddenly appeared in the middle of the pool. But it was no ordinary shark, but a pirate shark.

They wondered, where did the shark come from?  How’d it get in the middle of the pool? And why on earth was it a pirate?  How can a shark even be a pirate? The pirate paid no heed and swam around in its merry way.

The superheroes and villains all watched in shock as the pirate shark swam into the air and off into the sunset while singing “yo ho ho and a bottle of rum”.

The Adventures of Loudan and his moped

Once upon a time there a Loudan and his moped.  He loved that moped and drove it wherever he went.  Sometimes people would try to cut him off in traffic but he’d use his telekinesis to move the car into a ditch.  He would laugh with a sly chuckle whenever he’d send them flying.

The Adventures Of SquirrelKong and Dash (aka Zoomies)

Once upon a time there was a mighty hero that rode a giant squirrel and wielded a massive sledgehammer.  Riding a squirrel was great because it allowed him to leap from tree to tree and he could get places really fast and places that weren’t accessible to most.

Another mighty hero was Dash.  He was an important part of the Superhero team.  He didn’t always get the respect he deserved though as his teammates would tease him and call him Zoomies.  He’d get angry and run around in a circle super fast.  

The Adventures Of The Pirate Shark

Once upon a time there was Pirate that was also a shark.  The Pirate Shark could fly and it loved flying around town.  Everyone that saw it dropped what they were carrying in shock.  Seeing a flying shark, that is also a pirate is not something you see every day.  The Pirate Shark enjoyed going on lots of adventures and flying to new destinations.  Since it could fly it could go almost everywhere. It’s favorite place to fly to was the supermarket because there was such fish readily available.  Being a pirate was easy for the Pirate Shark because people would just run away and leave their belongings behind. In the supermarkets everyone would flee so he could have all the fish and rum to himself.  Sometimes he’d have a bit too much rum though and crash into the shelves. Luckily for him, no one is really willing to mess with a passed out shark so he was left alone until he was ready to go on more Pirate Shark Adventures.


Pirate Shark Ideas from Wolfs Den

What about if im undercover for a much bigger evil then the villans and i betray them.  i show my true for of the wolf when i betray them.